• Habeit shel AMANO

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    Availability: Mon-Thu 12-8 pm / Sat 12-10 pm / Sun 12-6 pm

    Shalom - ברוך הבא!

    At one glance: is there anything better than starting with an aperitif, having dinner and end the evening with one of the best drinks in town, all at one spot? The Hotel AMANO has just opened a new restaurant – the HABEIT shel AMANO.

    Israeli street food served family style. Pulsating and authentic atmosphere as well as typical dishes from the markets in Tel Aviv just as Hummus Balagan, Fish Schawarma or Sabich give the feeling of beeing right at the „Shuk Ha’Camel“ in Tel Aviv.

    If desired: the AMANO Bar is the perfect spot to have one or more degestifs after dinner, without getting the feeling of an atmosphere of departure. Your choice - whether clink glasses on a felicitous evening or taking a drink to kick off the Berlin night fever.

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    Habeit shel AMANO Venue Details

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      Auguststraße 43 | 10119 Berlin
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      Tue-Sat from 6pm

    • Transport

      Rosenthaler Platz, Subway U8, Tram M1, 12, M8, Bus 142, N40, N8