From Monday 24th of November, AMANO Bar will be open from Friday to Saturday from 7pm and closed from Sunday to Thursday.
    Lobby bar open from 4 pm!

    Reservation requests are accepted for 4 pax and more only!
    Reservations hotline: Mon-Thu 12-8 pm / Sat 12-10 pm / Sun 12-6 pm
    Please mention the outlet, your name, date/time & number of people!

    A premium mix. In every sense.

    A fine mist of freshly grated orange peel wafts its way down over the green marble. Solid crystal glassware in the hands of the bartender reflects the accent lighting. Tantalising and tactile. Anything is possible at the AMANO Bar – whether you prefer a DJ’s heart-pounding bass to a perfect mixed drink.

    An international audience meets Berlin’s night owls. Italian accented with German, English harmonises with Hebrew, French blends seamlessly into Berlin’s own unique dialect. Upholstery accented with leather, velvet harmonises with marble and black blends seamlessly into earth tones.

    Those looking to discover and experience Berlin come together in the evening at the AMANO Bar. Just as the lobby connects to the bar, the end of an evening is just the start of a long night – a fact that has not been overlooked by internationally recognised Mixology Magazine for bar culture: The AMANO Bar was named “Best Hotel Bar” and “Best Bar Team” in 2013, winning the Mixology Bar Award.

    Venue Details

    AMANO Bar Venue Details