Best price guarantee


If, after having booked an AMANO Group hotel online on an AMANO Group website, you find an identical offer for the same hotel with the same terms of reservation on another website at a lower price (excluding local taxes but including booking fees), we will charge you this lower price.


The Best Price Guarantee applies only to bookings made on the AMANO Group website  for  “Hotel AMANO”, “Hotel AMANO Grand Central”, “Hotel MANI”, “Hotel ZOE”, “AMANO Home” and “Hotel Düsseldorf Mitte” and for which a reservation number was issued to validate the booking.

In order to take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee, send an email including all your booking information as well as information about the lower offer and a screenshot of this offer to


The Best Price Guarantee applies only to hotel room bookings for  “Hotel AMANO”, “Hotel AMANO Grand Central”, “Hotel MANI”, “Hotel ZOE”, “AMANO Home” and “Hotel Düsseldorf Mitte”. It excludes sales of all-inclusive packages (incl. hotel services, transport services or any other services in connection with the room reservation).

Rates for which the Best Price Guarantee is applicable must be publicly accessible and open to reservation.

The following categories are excluded:

  • Group rates
  • Corporate rates
  • Rates for conferences and seminars
  • Special offers with an additional discount after booking
  • Rates for partners of the AMANO Group and their staff
  • Rates for AMANO Group staff

The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to membership-based websites or to programs requiring a password or login in order to retrieve information on prices and availability. This includes all non-automatic memberships and programs as well as 1) programs where users have to “register” to acquire membership, 2) all online interfaces or mobile interfaces which are used by members and protected by a password, and 3) situations in which users are asked to complete a customer profile.


The Best Price Guarantee applies only to the same type of room that was booked on an AMANO Group website. This room type must be available and bookable on another website when the AMANO reservation office conducts a verification.


The Best Price Guarantee is valid only for reservations also made on an AMANO Group website. Best Price Guarantee claims regarding bookings for two or more subsequent nights (in the same hotel) apply on the basis of the price per night and not on the total price for the entire stay.


If prices found on another website are shown in a currency other than the one the booking was made in on one of the AMANO Group websites, these prices will be converted into the currency indicated on one of the AMANO websites.

The conversion will be based on the exchange rates shown at and valid at the time of the original reservation made on one of the AMANO Group websites.

After converting the prices, the AMANO Group reserves the right to deny a complaint, especially when the difference between the two prices seems to be based on the fact that a different exchange rate was used on the two websites.

Price differences on the basis of fluctuations, rounded-up numbers or currency fluctuations shall not be considered for the Best Price Guarantee.


In order for the Best Price Guarantee to apply, the terms of sale appearing on the other website must correspond to those on the AMANO Group website where the booking was made.

In particular this applies to

  • Terms for down payment or advance payment
  • Terms of cancellation
  • Conditions for changing a reservation


Claims under the Best Price Guarantee should be sent to All booking information and all relevant evidence must be enclosed with the claim. Incomplete or erroneous claims or claims containing illegible or incomplete evidence will not be processed.


The Best Price Guarantee can be claimed within 24 hours following a reservation made on an AMANO Group website and up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled arrival at the hotel. The reference time is the time of the online reservation. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to reservations made less than 72 hours before arrival.


Provided all guarantee requirements have been met, the Best Price Guarantee will be honored after verification by the AMANO Group reservation office. In this case you will receive an email from the reservation office stating the reservation number and the new rate applying to your reservation.

If your credit card has been debited immediately following a reservation, the difference amount will be credited to the card indicated by you at the time of your online registration.

If a claim does not fulfill the terms of the Best Price Guarantee, you will receive an email from the AMANO Group reservation office informing you that the Best Price Guarantee cannot be applied.

If a reservation made on one of the AMANO Group websites is cancelled, the cancellation will be subject to the terms set forth in on the website.


On departure from the hotel you will be charged the amount confirmed by the AMANO Group reservation office plus any additional services used (restaurant, bar etc.) that were not included in the reservation.


The AMANO Group is not liable for any costs possibly incurred by the cancellation of a room reservation, in particular in the case of reservations made on a website not belonging to the AMANO Group.

The AMANO Group reserves the right to change or cancel the Best Price Guarantee and the terms connected herewith at any time and without prior notice.

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