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Die Bauarbeiten am neuen Hotel direkt gegenüber den Berliner Hauptbahnhof laufen weiter auf Hochtouren. Für das Interior Design konnte die Architektin Nadia Kayat gewonnen werden, die ihr Handwerk unter anderem beim renommierten Architekten Jean Nouvel erlernte. Im Jahre 2011 gründete Sie ihr eigenes Architekturbüro mit dem Namen Nadia Kayat Architects in Berlin.

Gemeinsam mit ihrem Team erstellte Sie ein Konzept für das gesamte Innenleben des AMANO Grand Central. Hierbei verleiht sie nicht nur allen Räumen einen Charakter, sondern übernimmt auch die künstlerische Leitung, die Planung der Terrassenbereiche und ist zudem federführend für die Lichtgestaltung zuständig.
Die Vision der AMANO Group wird hier mit modern-puristischen und hochwertigem Design fortgesetzt.

Mehr von Nadia Kayat und Team erfahrt ihr im nächsten Blog Artikel.

Negroni the Gin & Tonic Bar Style

After 50 days and nights being stored in the depths of an old Calvados barrel, our NEGRONI has made its way back up to daylight and finally inside your glasses. Subtle apple aromas tango with bitterness, red vermouth and Tanqueray Export – finished with spiceness of oak wood. Come around!

The AMANO Grand Central – Opening in spring 2015

In the spring of 2015, the AMANO Group will open another location in Berlin, directly across the Berlin Central Station: The AMANO Grand Central.

With 250 Rooms, light-flooded conference rooms, a fitness centre with a view of the government district, a bistro, a lushly planted rooftop terrace with a Skybar – it will become the largest hotel that the group has built to date in Berlin.

The befriended photographer Oliver Rath paid a visit at the construction site, and took images for us that take you behind the scenes. Stay tuned – we’ll keep you updated!

DEAN DIAMOND FINEST DRY – on the trail of legends!

DEAN Barchef Tino Hiller and his crew are always on the hunt for new, exclusive spirits and liquors and testing new drinks and cocktail variations.
The DEAN FINEST DRY Gin is a self creation of a very special kind.
BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Gin is stored in aged Sherry barrels, adding a gentle and lightly wooden touch to this classic.
It’s a traditional process, going back in history to England’s Queen Mum and one of her favourite Gins – the BOOTH’S FINEST DRY.

The special DEAN DIAMOND FINEST DRY Gin is also available at the GIN & TONIC BAR in Friedrichstraße, presented by Barchef Stjepan Sedlar and his crew.
Ask the guys for the best Tonic going with it.


Hey All-Time-Lovers & Friends,

what would a GIN be without a TONIC?
It’s Valentine’s Day, and we would like to celebrate with you the couple of the century – the Gin & Tonic. A true love.
No matter if you are broken hearted, on a hunt, or just wild at heart – come ‘n join us for fun, cold drinks and telling moments.
Music by DJ ANDYLOOP from Barcelona.

Stop hiding and start seeking. Find your GIN to your TONIC!

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MANI Business Lunch

Monday – Friday
12 pm – 3 pm
2 courses 10,50 EUR

April 14th – April 18th.
Starter of your choice:
Green asparagus soup with whipped cream or
homemade meze- mix.

Maincourse of your choice:
Beef “köfte” with tomato, chili salsa and mint couscous.
Roasted chicken with baked garlic tomato, grilled green asparagus and yoghurt.
Marinated grilled vegetables, pearl barley, herbs and orange, crème- fraiche.

Bon Appétit / Bete’Avon!

Best of Menu for Special Events

You are planning an informal celebration or dinner together with your family, friends or colleagues? The MANI Restaurant is the perfect place to either enjoy an individually composed menu or to choose from the daily culinary offers – there is something suitable for every taste!


Communication, cooperation and diversity are the main characteristics of our menu. Our food is meant to be inspiring, exciting and the plating is creative and extraordinary. Therefore, we serve all dishes in the middle of the table, family style, so guests may have a try from each item ordered and share with their family and friends, just like they do at home. This is part of the Israeli/oriental culinary culture of which we get inspired. Subject to seasonal changes.

Avocado salad . Tangerine . Tomato . Cumin
Baby Eggplant . Sweet Pepper . Buffalo Milk . Salty Almond
Beetroot served three ways . Goat Cheese . Black Cumin
Roastbeef . Hummus . Pickles
Lamb Patties . Cinnamon Tomato . Green Beans
Calamaretti . Quailegg . Harissamayonnaise
Sepia . Vanilla-Kohlrabi . Wild Broccoli . Black Current

Grill Plate „MANI-Style“. Lamb . Beef . Veal . Chicken
Sea Bass . Turnips . Tahini
Sweet Potato . Pistachio . Tahini Yoghurt . Black Cumin
Side Dishes
Saffron Rice
Veggies of the Day
Green & Red Salad

Chocolate Mousse from Jivara . Bergamotte Sorbet . Amaranth

Find out more about the Best Of Menu here.
Make your reservation now: +49(0)30 530 280 8255 or

New Chef at Mani Restaurant

MANI Restaurant is well known for its exceptional food creations. Chef Martin Schanninger has made a name for himself among gourmet food lovers thanks to his keenness to experiment. Now he is going on a culinary trip for AMANO Group and therefore has handed over his baton to Peter Fridén who proved his expertise at First Floor in the past that has been awarded with a Michelin star. Fridén and Schanninger teamed-up to create new imaginative and appealing compositions, not only for the current MANI menu but also for the weekly business lunch.

The 32-year-old native-born South Korean can already look back on many years of experience in the international gourmet cuisine – the ideal prerequisites for assuming the important position of an head chef in the trendy German metropolis. Raised in Sweden, Fridén studied at the French restaurant and catering school “Borlänge” and later worked in several star honored restaurants in Scandinavia. His passion of combining different country specific culinary influences still characterizes his cuisine today – whether with Swedish elements in connection with Asian components or now, at MANI restaurant, where Israeli flavors meet French ingredients.

In a casual atmosphere the new dishes are complemented by the charming service of restaurant manager Ralf Swinley – the new duo leads guests on a culinary journey from Tel Aviv to Paris.

Reservation MANI Restaurant: +49(0)163-6359464 or


It’s been a great 1st year with all of you at The G&T Bar!
In February 2013 we opened the doors in the back of Rocco & Sanny Bar & Grill in Friedrichstraße and started the bar, serving nothing but well-picked Gins & Tonics. The run of people coming through this door from that day on (and the main entrance in the backyard of course) just didn’t seem to ever stop!
Lovely moments with dear guests, fun behind the bar and fun having, good-drinking people all over our tiny and private, ever vibrant place! The next year starts right now, and we already like it! just released a nice reviewabout our bar, thank you!

Foto: Andreas Paasch


MANI Restaurant is celebrating the BERLINALE presenting the extraordinary Chilean composer, guitarist, songwriter and singer Daniel Puente Encina.
Many of his songs as “El Amor Se Demora”, “Skreamska”, “Postcard”, “Not Here” became famous through the movie world by FATIH AKIN’s movies such as “Short Sharp Shock” (1998), “In July” (2000) and Akin’s multi-award winning film “Head On”.
Whenever adjectives like “advanced”, “crossover” or “retro-futuristic” are applied on the music circuit, Daniel is always included in the list. He mixes the impossible in such an original way that it defies labeling. MANI invites you to enjoy Daniel’s great charismatic voice and his astonishing Spanish guitar accompanied by cajon on February 7th and 8th at 9:30 pm. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

<<…a first class artist... >> VIA X

<<…a gem…a marvellous creature, a cult symbol…>> LA VANGUARDIA

<<…auspicious…the songs are decidedly entertaining…memorable…>>ROCKAXIS